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Book Excerpt:
"The African-American architect does not now register on the most important and authoritative gauges of economic development that are watched regularly by African-Americans...Conversely, and most tellingly, the image of the black architect on the African-American cultural front is now confirmed as, at best, nonexistent. The recently released Africana Encyclopedia compiled by Harvard based Henry Louis Gates and Ghanaian philosopher-scholar Kwame Appiah is now the definitive catalogue of the culture of the African and African-American Diaspora."

"There are over 2,000 pages packed with nearly countless numbers of cultural figures from the worlds of music and the arts. And not a single architect is listed..."

Excerpt from book, page xiii

Literary Site Mission
To inform, educate, and most importantly, enlighten Black America and her up and coming young black architects about the deep-rooted crisis in orthodox architecture. Melvin Mitchell's book focuses on this subject by detailing the many opportunities black folks had during the golden years of the Harlem Renaissance and later on during the 20th century.

Black folks in the area of study of architecture and other humanity of culture must take notice of these issues raised by Mr. Mitchell. I ask all to take a tour around his website to receive this powerful and meaningful message of this crisis.

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"I constantly encounter an earnest curiosity from African-Americans-lay persons as well as young architects-in-training ... They all want to know more about the relationship of architects and architecture to African-American culture ... They accurately sense that architecture must share common roots with art and music as the expressions of the culture of nation-states ... They suspect that this must apply especially to a distinctive people who have experienced extraordinary challenges to their existence as full-fledged members of the human family." -
Melvin L. Mitchell, FAIA

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Melvin Mitchell, FAIA Said It Best:

"Architecture is different from math and the hard sciences is about culture."