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Melvin Mitchell, formerly head of the architecture school at Morgan State University, is currently adjunct professor at the University of the District of Columbia. He is also founding dean of the new Robert Taylor Graduate School of Architecture. He is a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects and holds degrees in architecture from Howard University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

For autographed copies of his book, email him directly with your mailing address and number of copies desired. You will receive your copies along with a 30-day invoice that will include postage.

  Reviewed by George C. Fraser:
"I love the fact that Melvin Mitchell has taken the time, done the research and written a book that helps people of African descent understand The Crisis Of The African-American Architect. Mel's treatise is easy to read, easy to relate to and very insightful."

"He reveals, with great courage and wisdom another missing piece of our rich history and profound contribution to western civilization. For history buffs please put this book on your must read list. For those who espouse "black power," The Crisis Of The African-American Architect will add another dimension to the case of black power."

- George C. Fraser
Author of "Race For Success" and
"Success Runs In Our Race"

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"Black America, with a gross national product equal to the 10th largest economy on earth, is woefully under-served architecturally. A new type of culturally grounded entrepreneur-architect is required to provide that service."
- Melvin Mitchell, FAIA
Speaking at the recent National Summit of Architects, at the AIA/NOMA Summit:



This is a long overdue book about the clashes between architecture, black culture, and power. It is aimed at informed Black America and those who consider themselves friends. Washington, DC. Architect-professor Melvin L. Mitchell poses the question "why haven't black architects developed a modernist Black Architecture that complements the modernist black culture," that is rooted in blues and jazz music, other black artistic and literary forms, film, and the home?

His insightful and provocative answers provide a missing link in the "culture wars".Mitchell writes from his life perspective that begins as a South Central Los Angeles housing projects teenager in the 1950s. Inspired by Harold Cruise's landmark book, "The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual," Mitchell exposes the roots of a 75-year-old estrangement between black architects and Black America.

Along the way he provides delicious details about the politics of architecture and real estate development in the Black Power-Marion Barry era Washington, DC. Mitchell concludes by situating increased black home and business ownership at the center of a bold and truly racially inclusive "New (Black) Urbanism". He rightly views the eight HBCU based architecture schools as a critical element in fashioning a rapprochement between black architects and Black America.

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