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Below are some related links that give some additional information on the issue being raised by Melvin Mitchell's book:

"The Crisis of the African-American Architect:
Conflicting Cultures of Architecture and (Black) Power."

Some links are general while others are in-depth; please take the time to view each one, in order to further your mind on the needed urgency to expand the "black architect" creativity, culture, and talent in the 21st century - leaving their signature on the building blocks of architecture around the world.

Favorite Sites

Institute of Architecture & Planning The official sub-directory site of Architecture at Morgan State University.

Howard University The official site of this historical college providing all data on offered courses.

Howard University, The Department of African Studies A site dedicated to the African Studies in several fields of study from technology to politics.

NOMA The official site of the National Organization of Minority Architects providing an outstanding platform of excellent information.

Blacklines Magazine Owned by four black women architects providing outstanding articles, reviews, and updated news in the industry of black architecture.

Fraserville An awesome networking community of black folks created by George C. Fraser providing free emails and networking tips and tons of other related information.

Harlem Renaissance A biweekly discussion on this wonderful time-period of black creativity, providing articles, book reviews, and updated links.

Kmtspace African Art and Architecture showcasing todays world art and archi through the archetypes of see through sculptures of Africa.

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