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The Robert Taylor* Graduate School of Architecture
Washington, DC

Melvin L. Mitchell, FAIA, NOMA, Founding Dean

The Vision:

. A new free-standing School of Architecture organized and operated as a non-profit entity consistent with DC regulations governing private educational institutions; named after and inspired by the life and accomplishments of *Robert Robinson Taylor, the first African American graduate of America's first architecture school - MIT, 1892; also teacher, builder and professional architect of the most substantial buildings on the Tuskegee campus; 1892-1932.

. A salon for the discussion and dissemination of ideas and information on the history, presence and future of architecture in the dual context of American and African American culture (art, music, film, literature), economics and politics ranging from the local to the global.

1. A Non-Studio/Case Studies/Clinical Based Pedagogic Approach.

2. Information Technology as primary tool (ownership of laptop required at admission).

3. "Design-build" based urban housing & community development.

4. African American/African Diaspora history, culture and built-environment accomplishments.

5. Completing IDP eligibility for Architects Registration Exam by graduation is stressed.

6. For administrative model: See

7. For philosophic model: See

The Mission and Market Rationale:
. Per US 2000 Census and current AIA research data, licensed African American architects constitute only 1.3% of the national total of licensed architects despite an African American population of 13%.

. In the National Capital Region, the ratio is 4% in an African American population exceeding 30% and despite the presence of accredited architecture programs at Howard, Catholic, U. of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and Morgan.

. Underserved National Capital Region and national demographic target;

1. Daytime employed African Americans, women and other under-represented minorities desiring to become licensed practicing architects. A structured four-year 96 credit hour masters program with late afternoon, evening and weekend courses available to such persons holding a non-architecture related baccalaureate degree.

2. Advanced standing shall be available for persons drawn from the above demographic holding an undergraduate degree in architecture or a closely allied field, depending on type of degree and level of professional experience.

Initial Degree Offering:
. Master of Architecture - a first professional degree as defined by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB).

. The degree program would apply for NAAB Candidacy status in its first year of operation.

. Pursue initial provisional NAAB accreditation upon graduation of its first Masters class in 2006.

Start Date and Initial Enrollment:
. A Fall 2004 start and enrollment of 40 qualified graduate students.

. Currently, activities include seed fund-raising, marketing, curriculum planning, the incorporation of the School, acquisition of suitable space and equipment, selection of Advisory Board, recruitment of faculty/staff and qualified graduate students.

. Enrollment is projected to grow to 130 students by the 4th year of operations.

Sources of Funding:
. Funding for faculty/staff, space, equipment & supplies, operations and enrichment shall be derived from student tuition, scholarships, loans, grants, contracts and for-profit development arm proceeds.

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